About Us

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pasha is a vertically integrated, prohibition-era brand house firmly rooted in BC's craft cannabis industry, which boasts an international reputation.

With proven capabilities in cannabis cultivation, genetic research and development, product processing, and retail, Pasha is uniquely positioned in the new legal cannabis market through its network of hundreds of craft cannabis suppliers under the Pasha umbrella.

Pasha subsidiary, Medcann Health Products Ltd., is a Health Canada licensed cultivator and processor with a licence to sell medical cannabis products in Canada.

Pasha and BC Craft are also developing a craft cannabis campus, which is dedicated to bringing craft quality into the newly legal cannabis market in Canada. BC Craft is driven to assist craft growers in obtaining security clearance and licensing to grow as micro-cultivators, specializing in education and compliance to bring growers into the regulated cannabis supply market.

Pasha's common shares trade on the CSE under the symbol "CRFT" and on the FSE under the symbol "ZZD".

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Mission, Vision & Values


To champion prohibition-era activists and producers in today’s rapidly evolving cannabis landscape, providing a platform to showcase the expertise that has given BC its hard-won reputation for world-class bud.


We believe in quality, not quantity, and envision a future where the artisans of prohibition-era cannabis are given an equal opportunity to flourish in legal markets around the world.


Integrity – Be Strong

At the root of integrity is the strong adherence to a code of moral and artistic truth. It involves doing the right thing, even when it is not the easy choice, or acknowledged by others. Pasha recognizes the integrity of prohibition-era growers, and is committed to bringing that same level of integrity into the legal market.

Authenticity – Be Real

In artistic circles, authenticity refers to how much an artist or particular work is original, sincere, and displays a genuine heart. At Pasha, we recognize that these are traits of artisanal and craft producers, and their products. We are dedicated to ensuring their products make it to market while staying truly authentic.

Passion – Be Fierce

Cannabis would not be legal in Canada today if not for the passion and dedication of our activists, advocates, and growers. We are dedicated to keeping that flame alive as we strive to ensure that prohibition-era producers find their way to markets around the world.

Respect – Be Aware

At Pasha, we acknowledge and respect the risks and sacrifices made by our community under prohibition. We respect the plant. Our focus on craft production has its roots in that respect. We respect each other. This respect infuses us with a duty to care, for our product, for our people, and for our planet.

Community – Be United

Communities are at their best when individuals band together for a common agenda, cause, or interest, and collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources. Unity to achieve a common goal should not come with a diminishing of individuality, nor should our individuality prevent us from uniting.

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