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Aurion has more than 13 years of experience in the cannabis industry and specializes in processing plants to produce safe, organic cannabis oil capsules. They are passionate about helping consumers make the most of this promising plant and believe the full medicinal potential of cannabis is yet to be discovered.

Aurion Industries, based on Vancouver Island, strives to set the gold standard for cannabis oil capsules

Specializing in processing raw plant material, their expert team has more than 13 years of experience in the cannabis market, which they bring together to produce and distribute high quality cannabis capsules across Canada.

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What we believe in

Aurion CEO Ian Hillier-Brook began making capsules about three years ago, after noticing there was a need for consistent dosages for cannabis-related products.

Now his capsules are finely-tuned products of perfection, with a focus on quality and safety that is setting the standard for the industry.

“All of our ingredients are organic and certified for internal consumption, right down to the essential oils,” he says.

“Safety is also a priority for us. We package our products in medical grade, BPA-free, child safe plastic bottles for extra safety. We also have every batch lab-tested for potency and labelled accordingly, as well as tested for bacterial cultures to ensure your safety.”

Our Ethos

For Ian, legalizing cannabis has allowed the industry to look more seriously at what cannabis can do for us medically.

“Our bodies not only know how to deal with cannabinoids, but are made to be able to utilize them for our benefit,” he said.

“I believe that the full potential of this plant in medicinal terms has yet to be discovered. In our capsules, we have formulated what we believe to be an efficient mix of everything needed to properly use cannabinoids as efficiently as possible.”

Our connection to cannabis

Ian’s journey to producing cannabis oil capsules is a long and personal one, beginning as a teenager, growing up in foster homes.

“I started smoking cannabis at age 13. The first time I was exposed to it, I was very interested in it, much to the chagrin of my very religious foster parents.”

His cannabis education continued when he moved in with a friend who ran a grow-op.

“I learned as much as I could about growing, and eventually processing—although the technology back then was very rudimentary,” he said.

As he grew up, Ian suffered with depression, and became addicted to other substances. But although he escaped that cycle, got a full-time job, and became a father, he still couldn’t get ahead.

“I had no choice but to fall back on selling cannabis to supplement my living. It was always there for me when I needed it. I managed to keep things afloat with the extra income.”

Soon, alongside his supplier, Ian began producing extracts. But their partnership was not to be—tragically, his supplier died in a car accident, leaving him devastated.

Nevertheless, his commitment to their project continued and he soon hit upon the idea of making capsules. Ian began selling his products and expanded his range of dosages and oils, making capsules by hand in his kitchen after getting home from his day job.

Finally, after reaching the milestone of making 100,000 capsules by hand, he took the leap into Aurion full time alongside his business partner, and now Aurion Vice President, Mike Armstrong.

“Mike has been instrumental to the success of this company, and Aurion could not have reached the success it did without him,” says Ian. “Both a great friend and a great partner, with Mike’s help we’ve been able to grow Aurion to what it is today, and help change peoples’ lives through our products along the way.”

Why being a part of the Pasha Brands family is important to us

Craft cannabis products are very important to us. We feel that the skillset and passion offered in the craft market far exceeds that which the Licensed Producers can offer, and by Industrializing the production of cannabis, you destroy the subtle nuances that make each product unique.

The craft market is home to us. It allowed us to develop our products with the customer in mind as the first priority, not profits. We feel that is something that has been overlooked by the Licensed Producers to date. With regulation comes standardization which seems to kill the creative license that us craft producers are known for. Pasha has been a godsend to the community for that reason, we are allowed to come as we are, with our artforms fully intact.

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