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Baked Edibles Inc

Baked Edibles grew out of the longest-running commercial medical cannabis bakery in Canada, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club.

The bakery team sources all of its cannabis from federally-licensed MMAR growers, who have been growing crops in BC for more than 20 years, bringing the very best of BC bud to the edible sector.

Strictly self-regulating, even in a previously unregulated market, Baked Edibles aims to bring high quality edibles to the public, with safety and reliability at the forefront of everything they do.

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What we believe in

Baked Edibles operates on a business-to-business wholesale basis, serving stores that do not produce their own edibles.

“This allows us to focus on what we do best,” explains General Manager Sean Bird. “It also lets our clients focus on what they do best, which is serving their members and patients, directing them to the best products while offering the support and information they need.”

Baked Edibles offers a wide range of products, including cookies, brownies, protein bars, premium chocolates, peanut butter cups, drink mixes, soft gummies, and pressed mints. They also produce infused honey, capsules, their own version of Phoenix Tears, and even topical products like massage oils and salves.

Beyond their exceptional products, Baked Edibles sets itself apart from the crowd thanks to the information and dosing guidelines they share with their customers. As Sean explains, safety is paramount.

“The cannabis oil we produce is tested for pesticides and other impurities by a Health Canada-approved analytics lab, before being turned into edibles,” he says. “Baked Edibles is also one of the few edible production facilities to be inspected by local health authorities, with all products created in a food safe environment.”

At the end of the day it’s about giving customers access to the very best products, but also products that they can trust.

“We want to provide our customers with the peace of mind,” Sean says. “They know that when they come to Baked Edibles they can trust that all of our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and highest levels of diligence.”

Our Ethos

“We take pride in our commitment to bringing high quality and reliable cannabis products to those who need it most, through diligence, transparency, and compassion,” says Sean.

Our connection to cannabis

Baked Edibles began its journey in 2015, after Owen Smith, a baker for the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, won his case against the federal government.

The Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana patients should not be restricted to consuming marijuana in dried form, they must have access to oils and edibles too. As a result, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club’s baking team was brought over from their basement suite kitchen into a purpose-built production facility.

“With this decision, we saw an opportunity to start transitions into a larger market, offering high quality medicinal edibles to the masses,” says Sean. “The team began formulating new products. We wanted to push for safe and reliable products for those that depended on them most.”

Sean explains that regardless of the lack of regulation and “the nature of the black market,” Baked Edibles committed to undertaking its own strict safety regime.

“We aimed to self regulate, by using intricate tracking systems, harsh testing regimes, and safe food handling practices to deliver quality medicinal goods,” he says.

The new system paid off. In 2016, Baked Edibles opened its doors to wholesale businesses and spread its products across Canada. They now serve more than 500 businesses from coast to coast.

Sean says they’re looking forward to transitioning into the new recreational cannabis market later this year, “when the opportunity arises.”

“This transition will allow all Canadians to access our fine products through various avenues, such as online or brick and mortar shops, without risk of legal repercussions,” he says. “For our part, working in the legal market will give us access to the finest quality ingredients and continue bringing the best quality product possible to our valued customers.”

Why being a part of the Pasha Brands family is important to us

“Of all the companies that wanted us to jump-start their edibles program, we chose Pasha because they have the energy and focus that we think this industry needs,” says Sean.

“Especially with the uncertainty around supply chains and evolving regulations, you must have a skilled team that will drive towards their goals with a united purpose.

“That’s exactly what Pasha has, and it was clear from the start they would make dedicated partners.”

Sean is also thrilled about working with Pasha’s Executive Chairman Patrick Brauckmann to continue building a bright future for cannabis and cannabis products.

“We have fought for decades, through hard work, determination, and civil disobedience, for a good cause and we’re thrilled to work under Patrick’s vision of supporting industry leaders,”: he says. “We’re excited for a new era in cannabis history, and the standardization of safe production and dosing practices— while respecting the demanding work it will take to push this industry even further, for the betterment of those in need.”

Please note that until such time as we receive all required licenses from Health Canada, none of the products in our family of brands will be available for sale by Pasha Brands Ltd or any of its subsidiary companies. Once approved, our products will only be available through legal recreational retail outlets in provinces across Canada. Check back with us regularly for updates on licensing and product availability!

Why craft is important to us

For Baked Edibles everything comes back to quality, and that’s as true for the cannabis they use as it is for every other aspect of their products.

That’s why craft is so important, it’s an opportunity to tap into the very best of BC bud to deliver an unparalleled experience to customers across Canada.

“We want to bring the very best quality product possible to our customers,” explains Sean. “Working in the legal market will allow us to access the finest quality ingredients, eso we can continue to raise the bar of what people expect from an edibles experience.”

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