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BC Craft Supply Co.

Based on Vancouver Island, BC Craft Supply Co. partners with BC’s best craft cannabis growers to help them stay competitive in the new legal market. They are passionate about supporting small businesses, assisting their transition into the market, and getting their quality cannabis to consumers.

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What we believe in

BC Craft Supply Co. provides comprehensive support and advice to help craft growers get licenced, and conducts all required testing of their cannabis products.

The company then buys the craft cannabis products at market rates, packages them up and approves them for sale, bringing them to consumers at the best possible price.

For Bron Hogan, VP of craft specialists with BC Craft Supply Co., collaborating with craft growers to help them enter the legal space is his dream job.

“It’s amazing. Sometimes I pinch myself, I wake up in the morning excited, I go to bed excited, being able to help friends, who essentially would have no other way,” says Bron.

Our ethos

“At the heart of BC Craft Supply Co. are people who care about the quality of their product and who take pride in their labour,” says Bron.

“For us craft is more than a product – it’s a way of life that’s worth supporting.”

Our connection to cannabis

Previously part of the black market, Bron became interested in Pasha after a chance meeting with Executive Chairman Patrick Brauckmann led to a firm friendship.

“He was very intrigued, very curious to understand that a lot of the growers in the so-called illegal industry were normal people with families,” said Bron. “They’re people who want to volunteer in their community, they’re like everybody else.”

Patrick shared his vision for Pasha with Bron, who jumped at the chance to use his skills to help friends and family transition into the legal space.

“Some of these growers have been pioneering and building these crafts for more than 25 years and they were seeing the legal market coming, and getting really scared,” said Bron. “People were wondering, what about them and where were they going to fit in?”

“Keeping these craft growers who have contributed so much to the cannabis industry and the province on the outside would be a tragedy for British Columbia.”

“It’s extremely important for these people to stay relevant, rather than sitting on the sidelines while big corporations take over the industry and the culture they’ve developed for decades.”

Why being a part of the Pasha Brands family is important to us

“Pasha brands is essentially taking an already existing culture and providing a gateway for a lot of these people to enter the regulated market,” says Bron.

And it’s not just about the culture – through Pasha, Bron hopes to ensure the economic contributions of the craft cannabis community can continue.

“Look at the small communities like the Kootenays, the Sunshine Coast, the Gulf Islands where I grew up. Cannabis is so valuable to the local economies. Forestry, mining, the fisheries – they don’t hold a candle to what the cannabis industry has done for this province.”

“It’s so important to give these people a stage to stand on, so they can get to market. These are brands that have already been trialled and which consumers like.”

“Being able to be part of that and implement change at all levels of government, it’s a pretty exciting space to be in and I’m truly blessed and honoured to be a part of it.”

Why craft is important to us

“It doesn’t just have to be cannabis, it’s all industries,” says Bron. “High quality products are in demand, especially when they’re made locally and they’re produced with love and care, rather than manufactured by big corporations, on a mass scale.”

“Cannabis consumers are very savvy, they’re going to want a high quality flower. The mass produced products just don’t have the quality and the attention to detail, they’re simply not as good.”

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