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Beard Brothers Collective

Beard Brothers, in Victoria, BC, is a non-profit, premium medicinal cannabis provider, that believes in putting people before profits. Beard Brothers works closely with trusted physicians and experts in cannabis therapy to ensure consumers get the right, quality products for them.

Founded five years ago by brother and sister team Bradley and Elissa Macauley, Beard Brothers produces a wide range of cannabis concentrates, extracts, tinctures, rosin, flower, edibles, distillate, oils, topicals, lubricants, salves, and isolates.

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What we believe in

From its humble roots as a small group of craft cannabis enthusiasts trying to create an extraction company, Beard Brothers has gone from strength to strength.

“We’ve already set the bar in the grey market, now we’re going to set the bar even higher in the legal craft cannabis market,” says Bradley.

With award-winning concentrates and advanced extract technology, Bradley believes the future now lies in the genetic preservation of the best craft strains.

“Genetics are everything. How people grow the cannabis before it comes in for extraction is everything,” says Bradley. “You can’t make good extractions without having amazing cannabis beforehand.”

Our ethos

“Quality is number one. Integrity, love, and attention. We’re never cutting corners, we’re always trying to make the best extracts we possibly can from the materials we have.”

Our connection to cannabis

“Beard Brothers is all about family. My mother ignited the fire of cannabis in both of us,” says Bradley. “It was all about smoking weed in our house.”

Bradley and Elissa describe growing up with the lifestyle all around them, with cannabis plants in the garden and house, and “hashish in the corner.”

“Our mom influenced us massively, because as kids we saw that cannabis was such a positive thing in the community. For us, it’s special. Our mom taught us a lot about cannabis, we grew up with that, and it’s our foundation.”

“The saddest and most beautiful part of it is that our mom is suffering with cancer right now and cannabis has saved her life to this point.

“It’s ironic how our mom educated us about cannabis, and we’re here now saving our mother’s life with something she taught us. Cannabis really is amazing.”

Why being a part of the Pasha Brands family is important to us

For Bradley, working with Pasha means they no longer have to hide in the grey market, and can take advantage of all the benefits Pasha and the legal market has to offer.

“A weight has been lifted off my shoulders since partnering with Pasha,” says Bradley. “I feel like I’m working with an amazing craft team and they have the ability to bring the brand we’ve built to a bigger place in Canada and worldwide.”

“Pasha came into my life through numerous people, all at the same time, the beautiful part about it is the collective mentality. That’s why I love Pasha so much, why Beard Brothers have joined Pasha, is because of that connection.”

Pasha is enabling Beard Brothers to get cannabis growing and extraction down to a science – their lab provides Bradley with an opportunity to bring craft quality to a larger platform.

“Our shared vision is to make a difference. It’s about the craft, it’s about the community, it’s about brotherhood, it’s about wellness, and that is the vision,” says Bradley. “That’s why cannabis is here. Sure, making money is a good thing, but this movement is about what it’s going to do for the world and the community around you.”

Elissa says Pasha is helping to take Beard Brothers to the next level.

“It’s a good team. Pasha sees the community in the future of craft cannabis – the quality, the passion, the people.”

Why craft is important to us

“I want people’s first experience to be quality, and that can be done through extracting quality craft cannabis,” said Bradley.

The way Bradley and Elissa see it, the cannabis industry was built from craft growers and craft is still the heart of the industry.

“A lot of craft brands and craft people, their transition into this legal space has been really stressful. Where do you go? Who do you trust?” says Bradley. “For me, I’ve always trusted my heart, – it’s why Beard Brothers is still here today, because we believe in what we’re doing, just like craft growers”

“The value of that is astronomical, if you really believe in something, you can’t really put a value on it. It’s about the connection, the brotherhood, and the family.”

“Together, we’re going to change a lot of lives, we’re going to change communities, we’re going to change the world.”

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