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Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon Organics was born in 2015 and has grown into an award-winning innovative cannabis wellness and lifestyle brand. Created by Tessa Serra, the company brings a youthful, modern and scientific perspective to wellbeing through their premium artisan products.

Infused with the wild earth energy and the natural beauty of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Earth Dragon organics brings a bit of west coast living to the world. From humble beginnings, the company now boasts a line of premium cannabis-infused products designed to provide safe alternatives for significant pain relief and nourishing treatments for many skin conditions.

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What we believe in

With legalization, the focus has been on the recreational side of the plant, but as a firm believer in the healing power of cannabis, Earth Dragon Organics looks forward to a future where everybody who needs these products are going to be able to access them.

“As cannabis medicines are further integrated into society, we expect topical cannabis products to soon be in the average household medicine cabinet due to the safety, ease of use and wide range of application,” says Tessa.

“Accessibility is the number-one thing,” she adds. “We imagine our beautiful Earth Dragon Organics bottles and jars displayed in yoga studios, gyms, health food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores and gift shops across Canada and eventually the world as it opens to receive the gift of healing that medicinal cannabis offers.”

Our ethos

“I’m a huge cannabis enthusiast. I really support the medicinal non-psychoactive side of cannabis. I’m really excited about how legalization is going to open up research and testing. in coming years we will discover so much more about strain specifics and how different strains can help different ailments.” says Tessa.

“I have grown up in a free spirited, bohemian community. It has opened my heart to the magic and beauty in life. I infuse these powerful qualities into my products to share with everyone who is open them.”

Our connection to cannabis

“The background of Earth Dragon Organics is really connected to my life and my life experience,” says Tessa.

“Salt Spring Island is a really cannabis-conscious community, so growing up there, cannabis has always been a really big part of my life. I became a firm believer in the diversity and versatility of the medical benefits of cannabis, especially the non-psychoactive advantages of this ancient medicinal herb. When I personally became very ill with an inflammatory disease that modern medicine offered no help for, I turned to cannabis.”

Tessa’s research led her to discover more about the medicinal powers of the plant.

“I was digging into the medicinal side of cannabis, and the non-psychoactive advantages really fascinated me. So I got an ACMPR license – at the time they were called MMAR licenses – I started juicing fresh cannabis and I cured myself. A year and a half later, I was completely cured. All while doctors were telling me that I was going to have to be on steroids for the rest of my life, and I was going to be dealing with that illness forever.”

After her own incredible experience, Tessa wanted to share the healing properties of this amazing plant with others.

“As a young mother, I had a passion to share the profound benefits of cannabis and the alchemy of traditional herbal remedies to a rapidly growing market seeking healthy alternatives to chemical medicines,” she says. “So I also started mixing oils and making creams, creating a line of premium cannabis-infused topicals that provide safe alternatives for significant pain

relief and nourishing treatments for many skin conditions.”

Why being a part of the Pasha Brands family is important to us

Earth Dragon organics connected with Pasha Brands in 2018 and were instantly drawn to them because of their belief in craft cannabis.

“They are a prohibition craft cannabis brand house,” says Tessa. “And as a craft brand, I felt it was the right fit for us.”

One of the reasons that Tessa is excited about working with Pasha is that it will provide her with an opportunity to grow her brand, helping to get her products in front of more customers in the post legalized landscape. Working with Pasha is also an opportunity for Earth Dragon Organics to connect with a community of like-minded brands.

“All of the other brands that they host are amazing. They are all companies that I have watched grow and we have grown with them. It is incredible to be part of this powerful team,” Tessa adds.

“And that’s what I’m really loving about Pasha, they’re bringing together a group of creative educated, like minded people. We get to talk about what we are really passionate about and we are learning from each other. It’s such a wonderful opportunity, and I’m really blessed to be part

of it.”

Please note that until such time as we receive all required licenses from Health Canada, none of the products in our family of brands will be available for sale by Pasha Brands Ltd or any of its subsidiary companies. Once approved, our products will only be available through legal recreational retail outlets in provinces across Canada. Check back with us regularly for updates on licensing and product availability!

Why craft is important to us

“We prepare our goods in small carefully controlled batches using locally sourced organic ingredients infused with love and respect for the gifts these plant medicines offer,” says Tessa. “And we take great pride in our unique eco-friendly sustainable packaging”

This belief in safeguarding the planet while sharing the power of these plants is key to Earth Dragon Organics and something that the company refuses to compromise as they prepare to share their products with the world.

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