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Based in BC, Grizzlers has already changed the landscape of pre-rolled cannabis in Canada once, by developing the country’s finest branded and packaged craft joints.

Launched in 2017 as Canada’s first premier brand of packaged pre-rolls, Grizzlers had grown to be the most widely recognized pre-roll maker in the country prior to legalization.

Before the Cannabis Act, their products were among the most widely distributed in Canada, with a sales network of around 70 retail outlets in BC, Alberta, and Ontario.

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What Grizzlers believe in

Grizzlers’ craft connoisseurs take pre-rolls to a whole new level. Their passionate cannabis professionals are firm believers that what you put in has a direct impact on what you get out. As a result they travel throughout BC to hand select their cannabis with a focus on genetics, flavour, and effect to create the best experience.

Driven by criteria such as aroma, flavour, optics, effect, cannabinoid/terpene content, texture and density – Grizzlers believe that quality is key and work tirelessly to deliver the highest calibre pre-rolls on the market.

Alongside a meticulous production process, Grizzlers also conducts a rigorous review of all of their products, individually reviewing each and every pre-roll for imperfections to guarantee a gratifying experience to consumers across Canada.

The Grizzlers ethos

Grizzlers aims to capture the lively spirit and adventurous reputation of British Columbia. The company is a great believer in BC Bud and aims to build its world class reputation by giving cannabis consumers everywhere the chance to experience the very best the province has to offer.

Grizzlers’ connection to cannabis

Grizzlers was founded in 2017, by an experienced team of professionals who believed that pre-roll companies were failing to properly package joints for the retail market.

Every option they explored was sold individually, with little-to-no regard for quality, consistency, freshness, or presentation. Despite the popularity of pre-rolls, companies simply weren’t delivering a product that did justice to the plant or the end user.

After speaking to customers and touring world renowned pre-roll facilities in Los Angeles, the team returned home to BC. Driven by a desire to elevate the experience for customers across Canada, the company set to work to change the face of the pre-roll industry guided by a lofty ambition to coin the phrase “sharing a Grizzler.”

In the two years since their launch the company has gone from strength to strength. Using only premium, locally grown small batch cannabis, Grizzlers has developed a line of four exceptional pre-roll products to cater to everything from the economical to the exceptional.

Alongside elevating the end product to new heights, Grizzlers has also changed the way that pre-rolls are delivered to consumers with custom designed packaging that delivers unparalleled shelf-life and freshness.

From sourcing material through to customer service, the Grizzlers team puts the same level of care and attention into every step of the process to ensure that customers receive the highest quality end product following every purchase.

Please note that until such time as we receive all required licenses from Health Canada, none of the products in our family of brands will be available for sale by Pasha Brands Ltd or any of its subsidiary companies. Once approved, our products will only be available through legal recreational retail outlets in provinces across Canada. Check back with us regularly for updates on licensing and product availability.

Why craft is important to Grizzlers

At Grizzlers, craft means care. In the hand selection of their strains, the attention to detail in the pre-roll production, and the consideration they give to their customers, it’s part of the very essence of the brand.

All of Grizzlers’ raw materials are sourced locally, handpicked by passionate curators who travel BC sampling and analyzing material, sourcing only the most exceptional options for customers to enjoy.

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