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Roll Model

Roll model is a premium Canadian craft cannabis brand based out of Vancouver, BC. Their mission is to provide smokers with a premium cannabis experience, reduce the stigma associated with cannabis, and inspire others to be #rollmodels within their communities.

The brainchild of John Lee, roll model is bringing the very best of BC bud to the pre-roll market.

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What we believe in

John is passionate about creating a healthier and happier world through legal cannabis.

“The roll model brand was born out of necessity to create a smoking experience that is premium in quality and convenience,” he says. “Cannabis has been kept in the dark for too long. We’re proudly bringing it out of the shadows and to your front door.”

Words like “premium” and “quality” come up time and time again when you talk to John about roll model, and for good reason. John wanted to bring that elevated experience to the market, helping newcomers and longstanding enthusiasts to enjoy the very best cannabis that Canada has to offer.

“As cannabis use becomes more widespread, we believe that people will begin to treat it in exactly the same way they do with an expensive bottle of wine right now. It will become something that you enjoy with friends, something special that you bring to a dinner party or an occasion,” John says.

“The problem is that there’s nothing particularly special about a shaggy little dooby, so we wanted to create something that is beautifully crafted and packaged, a premium product that delivers a premium experience.”

That’s something that you typically don’t expect with the pre-roll market, which has been much-maligned by the cannabis community over the years.

“There is definitely a stigma against pre-rolls in general, that it’s junk, that it’s made out of the bottom of the bag, and is all trim and no flower,” John explains. “That’s something we’re trying to challenge. Our goal is to create something that’s a single, strain-specific product that’s just like something you’d roll for yourself at home.”

The premium experience goes beyond the cannabis itself to the way in which it is rolled, packaged and produced.

roll model uses nothing but craft BC bud and non-bleached all natural papers and filters to produce a smooth smoking experience. The joints themselves are packaged in individual plastic tubes to lock in freshness and deliver on-the-go convenience. Finally, all of their pre-rolls are presented in the kind of sleek stylish packaging that you wouldn’t be ashamed to pull out of your pocket.

roll model also tests all of its products to ensure that consumers know exactly what they are getting with every joint.

“We might be the only black market brand that does lab testing on all of our flowers,” John explains. “It’s not absolutely necessary, but we are doing it to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and to provide the right scientific information to our users, giving them the exact THC content, and CBD content.”

Our ethos

“Our ethos is simple,” John states. “We want to provide smokers with a convenient, safe and premium cannabis experience.”

For John, roll model cannabis is also much more than a clever name. “We want to inspire others to be role models in their communities, to take action to make the world around them a better place. Cannabis use has been stigmatized for far too long, and we want to encourage some of the amazing people in this community to change that.”

Our connection to cannabis

John’s background is in engineering, but like many people, he can trace his connection to cannabis back to high school: “it was my first business venture,” he jokes “and here we are 15 or 16 years later still at it.”

roll model came to life just over two years ago when John moved to Vancouver for his girlfriend and developed the company from there, intent on showing that pre-rolls can deliver a refined experience to consumers.

Why being a part of the Pasha Brands family is important to us

“I believe in what Patrick is doing, what Pasha is doing for the industry. I think it’s a service to Canadians, to focus on craft cannabis, and I think it is an amazing feat that they’re helping craft growers get into the legal market,” John says.

“As a smaller entity it’s very tough for businesses like mine to think about licensing, raising funds and all of the regulatory work that goes into legalization” he adds. “When I heard about Pasha and their mission to help bring the very best of BC bud to Canada and the rest of the planet I was blown away.”

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